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What Our Parents Say About Getting Students Ahead LLC

Ms. Thompson is by far the best math tutor that I’ve met. My daughter confident level has exceeded by expectations since working with her. She enjoys tutoring weekly, she feels comfortable and love Ms. Thompson. Parents you will not regret signing up for tutoring services for your child. She is amazing and the students love her and vice versa. 


Ms. Thompson was recommended to me by a family member of one of her students. At the initial session, an assessment was made to determine where my daughter was academically. My 4 year old was extremely behind on letter recognition, counting and phonics. I am happy to say that 2 months later, my daughter is reading, counting, identifying all letters, doing math and each month an assessment is made to show her progress. Ms. Thompson pushes her students to maximize their full potential. She has the sweetest personality and makes the sessions fun and interesting. My daughter loves her and is excited about every single session and I am happy because my daughter is "getting ahead".


Ms. Thompson, 

  You have become a significant part of our family thanks to your Virtual Tutoring Service. Prior to Getting Students Ahead, we've tried tutoring offered by the school, larger math tutoring services, math camps, and a private one on one tutor. NOTHING worked and to add insult to injury we lost hundreds of dollars. 

  In a little over a month since working with your company, Kass has learned to write neatly in cursive, times tables up to 12, and division and is confident and has hope. No more tears! She looks forward to your sessions and even asks about you on "off" days. Thank you for stepping into your calling. We love you and appreciate you! We're keeping you all summer long and beyond!

 Bee Moseley

My son is very smart, but he wasn’t sure of himself. Ms. T has given him the confidence that he needs to excel in school and in life. He always steps ahead of his peers, learning long math problems and multiplication during his sessions. He’s so comfortable with her and is always sad when his session is over!


Testimonials: Testimonials
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Testimonials: Testimonials

There are no words that could ever express how much we appreciate you and your craft. We are so grateful to have you working with Makayla. She has learned so much and has so much fun learning with you! Whatttttt??? Yes, she loves learning! omg what kid really wants to extend their tutoring session?? I’ll tell you... MAKAYLA! She raves about you and all the fun things she learns in the hour you are with her. Even though the sessions are fun, they are packed with so much knowledge it’s insane. It’s like having the best of both worlds!! 

Thank you so much,

I would refer the world to you if I could!


You are truly amazing at what you do and how you do it. Dansia loves tutoring more than she did before. I look forward to growing together like we have in just 3 weeks. 


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